Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Newest Humidor, Cigar Star European Teak Humidor

I was in the market for a new humidor a few months back, one that I could display and not bury in my closet. Back when I first started smoking I loved the 150+ count humidors and if I could save a few bucks on getting one with a flawed finish I'd take it. I found a CANADIAN made humidor manufacturer and a handful of decently priced humidors that interested me. I eventually decided to go with a style that I wouldn't have normally been attracted to. This Cigar Star Humidor constructed with a European Teak finish and a collage of bright colors along the edge exceded my expectations. I'm not sure if this style will appeal to everyone but I love it! There is also a removable airflow rack that allows air to circulate underneath your cigars. Most importantly the seal is perfect. Overall I am very happy with this humidor, I would say the extra money you spend on buying a quality product that isn't mass produced in China is worth it.

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