Monday, March 18, 2013

INTX, Intersections Inc

Entered INTX about 10 minutes ago at 10.95, I'll be happy when I see this stock hit $12 in a week or two. Support at $10.75 but in this market I am a little more cautious than usual so any sign of weakness and I'll be hitting the door.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

BAC, Bank of America

A breakout above some resistance around the $12.25 level on good volume makes BAC a beautiful chart. I think BAC will continue to move upwards in the next couple of months and is likely to stall again at about the $14 mark. This is one of the few positions I have entered with a time horizon of over a month.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rite Aid

About a year ago I got on the Rite Aid train for a few weeks and made 43% on that trade. Now it looks like it's time to board again. I got in right at the close today at $1.75, this time I don't think I'll see the same returns, but a 10-15% gain in a week or so is very likely IMO.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BLDP, Ballard Power Systems

BLDP appears to have bottomed and consolidated at the $0.60 range at the end of 2012. Since then it jumped up and once again has consolidated over the last two months before breaking out today. I bought near the close today at an average cost of $0.815 and think there is a very high possibility that it will continue to run and will touch $0.95 sooner rather than later. Support at $0.72.

Newest Humidor, Cigar Star European Teak Humidor

I was in the market for a new humidor a few months back, one that I could display and not bury in my closet. Back when I first started smoking I loved the 150+ count humidors and if I could save a few bucks on getting one with a flawed finish I'd take it. I found a CANADIAN made humidor manufacturer and a handful of decently priced humidors that interested me. I eventually decided to go with a style that I wouldn't have normally been attracted to. This Cigar Star Humidor constructed with a European Teak finish and a collage of bright colors along the edge exceded my expectations. I'm not sure if this style will appeal to everyone but I love it! There is also a removable airflow rack that allows air to circulate underneath your cigars. Most importantly the seal is perfect. Overall I am very happy with this humidor, I would say the extra money you spend on buying a quality product that isn't mass produced in China is worth it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

SVU, Supervalu

SVU has been trading within a tight range for all of February, today it took a big jump to the upside. The only thing that doesn't absolutely tickle my pickle about this chart is that it closed well below it's high of the day. Still I love this chart and think it is very likely to continue its march toward $4.60. I'll stick my support price at $3.90, I'm in at $4.09 which means I'm risking 0.19 for a projected gain of 0.51 per share.